French Coin scale
Pic  CS 58

made by Jecker, Paris end of the 18th c.

The table in the lid is in bad condition, so not all information's easy to read ! 


The beam of this scale was graduated from 1 to 4 1/2 gros by 6 grain division, with additional marks for Louis DŽors of 24 and 48 l. The second half of the graduation is divided by 12 for each gros ( what that ever used for... I do not know !

These version were also provided with a short arc graduated in grains for ascertaining discrepancies. A additional loose weight which could be hooked onto the end of the beam, increasing the capacity to 6 1/2 gros for the heavier coins.

( This info and a nice picture are found in the book "Weiging coins" from M.A. Crawforth )  

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