Unusual folding Decimal scale
Pic DEC 8

Large box 59 cm x 32 cm 

The small folding pan for the weights
is stored in a wooden
holder inside the lid of the box.

The hangers of the pan are nice arranged, because the three 
rods are attached to 12 a clock
( back ) and 3+ and 9- a clock
( sides ) so you have no rod in the way by placing weights in the pan !

All parts are fine placed... not easy to find out HOW ! 

Made by A. Basemann in Berlin C.
One wooden holder is
movable to get out some other parts. 
The main part fold up and attached to the base ! 
The base attachment and
the adjustment screw ! 

Now you can fold up the complete scale ! 

Place the beam.... 
Place the weight pan.... 
fold up the graduation... 
and place the load pan 
The scale has a maximum load of
50 KG.... which let me think.

The scale works decimal... so the weight pan has to hold 5 KG as max....
which I do not believe. 

View to the complete scale !
details view
to the nice weight pan
details view to the arrestment

This lever take the scale in and out of the weighing position ! 
As last the unusual style of the load pan..... some ideas ????
There is no add pan for this.... also she weigh fine, so HOW to place a additional
pan ?.... What does this scale weigh for a item ?

I hope for help from any collector who ever saw such a scale or know the maker !!! 

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