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Scales for weighing eggs, one at a time, were used to grade for sale, or to select eggs for hatching. There were a great many designs and methods of construction and, although they were of little aesthetic merit, their technical quaintness gave them great charm. Some scales showed considerable ingenuity in their design, as in those manufactured almost entirely from simple strips of sheet metal bent to the required shapes. Even though such scales were ingenious, their construction was frequently crude and the effectiveness of the design varied considerably. Some were simple to use, easy to read and were very compact. Other were awkward to operate, difficult to read or had small loose weights which were easily lost. Little thought, if any, was given to the convenience of cleaning the scales, and thought of having to remove the sticky remains of the broken egg from some of the intricate parts of the scales is most disagreeable. It would seem that many of the designers had not tried using their scales in realistic conditions and did not project their imagination to such mundane problems. However, for the collector, the visible mechanism of the scales can be a delight infinitely more interesting than smooth hygienic covers.

     M. Crawforth ( EQM Autumn 1981 ) 

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