Coin operated scale
Pic SP 15

In the 1950s, these Watling Horoscope scales were manufactured by the thausends for use in F.W. Woolworth and other dime store chains. If this scale has the chrome plated hand rails, it most likely came from a Woolworth store. For a nickel, you could get your complete horoscope printed on a scroll, which was rolled up in  a plastic sleeve. The scale would then reveal your weight. This was later changed to a dime, then to a quarter. If you did not want the horoscope, you could get your weight for only one cent.

This scale was in Winnipeg, Canada in use.
In 1995 the scale went to Europe, Germany.
In 2001 the scale went to this collection.

Thanks to Jan and Bill Berning for all Informations
and parts for restoration !
More informations to find in their book
" Scales, a collector's guide " 

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