Spring scale

Very rare spring scale, made France. The graduation show the weight in KG and 
ANC PDS The meaning of it is Anciens Poids which stays for Poids de Marc de Paris, in grams it is the
metric equivalent for 489,50 gram
Age about 1800.
I am also not sure if the HANIN is the maker

Weight up to 175 KG
Diameter of the dial 17,3 cm




Thanks to Huib Tielemann for this add picture and descrition:

The diameter of the scale is about 109 mm (inside) / 182 mm (outside).
There are two scales :

* 0 t/m 188 kilogram, at the end is written : KILOG. 

* 0 t/m 380 poids anciens, at the end is written : P. AC. ( Poids Anciens).


On top of the scale is written : BOELLE A ST CHRISTOPHE
The name Boelle, is probably the maker, and Sint Christophe, is probably a village in France.


This spring balance is special because it has two pointers, one for the kilog-scale and one for the Anciens Poids-scale.

In my opinion these scales can be dated between 1795 en 1812. France accepted the metric-system on 


The Anciens Poids were the so known Poids de Marc, the old Marcweight of Paris.

L’ancienne livre poids de marc is divided : 1 livre = 2 marc = 16 onces = 128 gros = 384 scrupules of deniers = 9216 grains = 221184 primes of carobes = 489,5058466 gram.


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