Pic SY 21

The FUCOMA steelyard was made in Berlin, Germany. The saddle has two beams going through it, the upper one is graduated from 0 to 10 Kg and the lower one with a bigger poise from 0 to 12 Kg. The upper one has a knurled knob which can lock the beam onto the saddle in any chosen position, either as a tara-beam, or after one item has been weighted. the lower beam can then be brought into action, to weigh the contents of the tared container, or to add to the load already indicated by the upper beam to take the maximum load up to 22 Kg, or thirdly, to hook on a second item to be weighed independently of the first load. the saddle is well-machined out of brass with a flat plate screwed onto the front face of the saddle after the two beams were fitted into their channels. The date is unknown, but 1910 to 1920 seems reasonable

EQM 3.1999 D. Crawforth-Hitchins  

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