About me

I am the private Homepage of an German collector with a age of 37. He starts with collecting with an age of 10.... and do not stop... All start with a small 100 gram weight which he found between his LEGO toys. ( So you see, toys are often dangerous ) In time he saw here and there another weight and so he start to invest his pocket money in brass and iron. 

With an age of 25 he get in touch with other collectors and they teach him a lot about
weights and ... scales.

He learned, collecting of weights is also collecting of scales.

And so Matt starts to collect also scales.  What a hell, now he has a lot of
scales .... but nobody to talk about them :-( ... 

Before 5 years he married and his wife try to rescue him with a great present:
A little daughter, Jennifer.


Now he has no time to collect but he try to find contact to other collectors in the
world. He want to find and give some help over me.

And I hope he have enough time to finish me                 scales-and-weights.com


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