Measures and weights
association -Germany-

Our association was found 1987 and count today over 350 members
from 12 countries. The annual fee for the membership is 25 Euro ( about 25 $ )
for European and 35 Euro ( about 35 $ ) for other countries.

As member you get 4 publication in a year. This publications
is printed in best quality and include very interesting contributions
about special collections / weights / scales or measures.

The association invite to a meeting, two times in a year.
Over 100 collectors from Europe
visit this meetings
for trading and discussion.

I know, it is maybe to expensive to travel to Germany.
But the
publications alone are a great  investment if you can read
a little bit German at least. ( Anyway a lot of pictures :-) )

By an real interest for a membership, contact me and
you will get a test
publications in a couple of days


Information's about the GMVV ( Dutch )  ENTER

Information's about the ISASC ( USA / Europe )  ENTER

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