International Society of Antique Scale Collectors
Club Description

International Society of Antique Scale Collectors (ISASC) was founded in 1976 so that people who collect antique scales could form friendships, correspond, meet with each other and enhance the pleasures of collecting. ISASC members are located in the U.S., Canada, and a number of other countries around the world.
Yearly Club Activities
  1. Equilibrium - (a quarterly, illustrated publication) contains diverse historical, scientific, and general articles about scales, weights, and scale makers.
  2. An annual convention is held over a three-day weekend (with an optional fourth day) each Spring. The program includes, among other activities, lectures by meteorology experts, a silent auction, and field trips to prominent collections.
  3. The quarterly President's Newsletter contains news about the Society's activities and other matters of interest.
  4. Member services (some free, some for a nominal charge) include back issues of Equilibrium, periodic special articles, copies of old scale catalogs, out-of-print books, and a limited research service.
  Membership Information and Dues

The collections of ISASC members are varied in content and number. Some members are beginning collectors, while others have extensive collections and have had works published on the science and history of antique scales. Active members are those who collect and/or deal in scales. Associate members are those with a general or special interest, be it scientific, academic, journalistic, custodial, publishing, or some other. Dues are $65 a year, regardless of when during the year you join. 

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