This part of is new and still in build

This part will be a secret area and need an access code to enter.

( Example of the member list )

( Only for members aviable )

My idea is to build a section which help to find contact to other
collectors by there address, telephone number and e-mail

Also each Member show his special interest in  scales and weights
and offer help to other MEMBERS

About 1000 collectors worldwide are organized in associations of
metrology like the ISASC, GMVV or Maß und Gewicht. Each of this
associations have member lists, but all are Secret ( easy to understand why )

My idea is, to offer a chance to find friends, or only a short contact, to other
collectors or dealer of scales and weights in ALL parts of the world.... 
also if NOT a Member of any association.

BUT also this list of contacts have to be secret !!!

HOW to get a membership of this area ?

Well, if you are a member of any association, contact me
and I will proof your information's.

If you collect without any other contact to an association, it will be also
no big problem. Maybe you have a friend who is a member of this area
or a friend who stay a longer time in contact with me.
May we meet us on ebay... or an other nice place before ;-)))

Please understand, I have to proof who can be a member and who maybe NOT.
All information's in this area are maybe very private and not each collector want to
show his name or address to wrong persons. Also I think there is NO reason to share
mail addresses for advertising. ( Some of us get enough advertising mails )

If you like to share you knowing about our hobby and also like to offer
your major interest and mail address, contact me for a membership

Of course it is FREE



If you want to become a member of this area, please contact the webmaster