Collectors help

how to help collectors... not easy...
the biggst problem is maybe to finance a hobby like this. One time I hear a nice sentence:

"A collector is very ill and this will first end when he is dead.
Only a syringe of money from time to time
can help to soothe his illness."

So think about this sentence from time to time.
If you start to collect scales, it will be better to think first about the next points:

1 Which kind of scales or weights find my biggest interest

If you collect with no delimitation, you have fast some problems.
Money is gone, you have no place to live in your house and you never
know how to complete your collection.
May my Homepage can help you. Have a look on some parts of my collection.
I know about some collectors which collect only Letterscales or Grain tester
also coin scales or asian opium weights ...

2 Collecting as hobby or more as investment

If you want to collect as hobby it will be the best. If you want to collect as investment
you have a problem. As hobby you buy maybe only this scales what you like.
As example kitchenscales, letter balances or differend kind of weights.
Some items of your collection have a high value some not.
As investment you have to buy only rare scales but how to know which is rare,
or better really rare !!!
As example I know some very good collections of coin scales.
The European coin scales are sometimes a good investment. But think about
one. They are not so rare as they look like. If you see one coin scale
in a shop, you have to buy it maybe for 200 - 500 $ and the rarer
European one maybe for 800 - 10.000 $.
But if you have to sell them
you give them maybe to an auction or contact other collectors.
Only the rarest arrived a high price again, because the most
collectors have the normal coin scales.
So collect only perfect scales with no lost weights. Buy not 10 scales for 200 $ each,
buy one scale for 2000 $ and you maybe have a investment.
Please be shure to buy no fakes or reproductions.

And as last ... find contact to other collectors. All collectors are ready to help
you. Also it is the best to be a member of an collector association.

In the USA and in Europe you find as association the ISASC
Also Germany, France and Holland have some collector associations.
Please mail me for contact.

All associations have their own journal and have also some meetings
in their country. The membership is not free but very cheap.

At the next site I have insert some examples of collectible scales or weights

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