Animal weight
Pic Opium 56

Very well made opium weight
in style of an elephant with baby.

225 gram

dark brown patina

for 95 % a fake !!!!

The weight was made to cheat
people and collector.
It was not made for cheap selling.
So please beware if you get an offer
for a weight like this !!!!

It is not very easy to find out that it is a fake. Only a few small characteristics
help to identify this as fake !

The patina is a little too dark !
The details are near perfect, but
some small decoration lines are
made after casting !

The weight has a very smooth surface
like an original weights, but the 
decoration lines are a little to
sharp !

Iam sure, also this mistakes will
change... and the next fakes
are perfect..... so
proof each weight as often you can !

Ask also friends to help, make NO fast deals.

As last, a weight in this rare style
is also nice as fake... I have paid
80 $ for this one, but it took a wile
to make the seller clear that this IS
a fake !!!!!





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