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Little updates like descriptions or less than 3 pictures not include,
because I update all two days, thanks.

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01-Dec-98 Lexicon with technical drawings
15-Dec-98 Scales > commercial > beam scales
29-Dec-98 Trade > Search
02-Jan-99 Service
03-Jan-99 descriptions for some scales and new pictures
spring balances - pharmacy scales - market scales

04-Jan-99 Service > Help > Help about fake nested weights
15-Jan-99 only some pictures scales / weights
18-Jan-99 include pictures of a US collection
Nested weight
25-Jan-99 for sale new items and a text mark
which scales or weights I have in stock for
trade or sale
26-Jan-99 shop -separation scales / weights and update link site
28-Jan-99 lexicon some measures and update some descriptions
30-Jan-99 lexicon beam scales ( Pivot ) also some new
really nice beam scales and a rare stone weight
31-Jan-99 better pictures opium weights
update weight descriptions
01-Feb-99 service > fakes and
Service > help ( new ) for beginners
05-Feb-99 some new pictures of pharmacy weights
and as test a scales show
07-Feb-99 some new pictures of decimal scales
and commercial > puppet scales
15-Feb-99 a few new pictures
18-Feb-99 A nice new kitchen scale from 1877
03-March-99 new descriptions for nested weights
include drawings of the marks
06-March-99 now also the mark drawings by other weights
hard work ... to be continued
also some new Asian and Stone weights
21-March-99 Nested weights - new building incl.
a new rare Middle Age weight
24-March-99 Coin scales - new building incl.
some new pictures
26-March-99 Trading - new building
15-April-99 Commercial > German Iron weights - new building
and some new pictures
22-April-99 Grain scales , some new scales and new building
Mai / June -99 Weights / Scales  Index with slide frame / new building
26-June-99 Some new pictures of Porcelain / Russian and
Ashanti weights
Also I had swich off the scrolling of the picture frame,
some Brownser make some problems....
August Insert a fast version of my page.... not complete ready !
The fast version include NO detail pictures !
9-Sept-99 New & better pictures - Antique scales
10-Sept-99 New & better pictures - Opium scales
11-Sept-99 New & better pictures - Coin scales
( Not in the fast version )
28-Sept-99 I start to rebuild the commercial scales part
and some new pictures of letter scales

Better pictures and more descriptions next time !
I try my best to insert themso fast I can
06-Oct-99 New Pictures of 5 Letter scales
( Not in the fast version )
16-Oct-99 New System now also by commercial scales
better pictures and text follow next days !

The New System with slide frame is now ready
( scales ) the next few weeks, I will insert new
and better pictures and descriptions.

After that I start to build also weights in the
new System.

16-Oct-99 One new spring US scale.... and a little web cleaning ;-)
19-Oct-99 some new scales: gem scale under special scales
two paper / yarn scales and one rare coin scale
24-Oct-99 200 new pictures of scales
counter / kitchen / pharmacy
25-Oct-99 30 new pictures of scales
letter / coin / counter / pharmacy
26-Oct-99 58 new pictures of scales
spring scales
28-Oct-99 54 new pictures of 14 coin scales
and one opium scale
29-Oct-99 39 new pictures of 9 scales
egg scales / grain tester / coin scales / specials
31-Oct-99 84 new pictures of 18 scales
egg scale / grain tester / coin scales / specials
pharmacy scales / letter scales
7-Nov-99 75 new pictures of 9 scales
asian scales / steelyards / coin scales / specials
pharmacy scales / letterscales
10/11-Nov-99 27 nice pictures of two rare Parcel scale and one US
Counter scale, to find under letter & counter scales
+ two Salters / Ubrich Kittchen scales
16-Nov-99 20 new pictures of two egg scales, one
folding Kitchen scale and one Salters Spring scale
17-Nov-99 update and install a new kind of scales index
under LETTER SCALES. Now you have the choice to see all Letter scales or only a special part of them.
I want to insert this new choice to all parts which keep
to much weigh systems.
19-Nov-99 Update from some descriptions.... take longer....have to find the correct words ;-)
Also some Opium weights for sell under TRADING !
21-Nov-99 96 new pictures of steelyards and bismar balances, one
COLUMBUS coin operatet scale and one demo scale
25-Nov-99 37 new pictures of steelyards and letter scales
30-Nov-99 Some better descriptions + more info about fake nested weights under - service
20-Dec-99 Only one new scale under Spring scales - a SALTER Gallon scale
21-Dec-99 New verification page - as first to find under scales. There you can see some tools which are in use by calibration of scales or weights.
26-Dec-99 Better descriptions for opium scales and the first part of all coin scales... more next time !
27-Dec-99 I complete the descriptions for coin scales...
I am sure... more will follow !!!
02-Jan-2000 Some new pictures of grain , counter, paper scales. Also a new Nuremberg coin scale to see !
04-Jan-2000 Descriptions and more descriptions... I start to loose my English words ;-(
05-Jan-2000 I insert Exit Buttons for wrong loading in the picture frames. Also some technical drawings into the picture frame of counter, coin, decimal scales.... and more
07-Jan-2000 5 US Egg scales and 2 other scales ( special ) insert. All from US collections.
The first pictures, which show scales NOT from my collection. Descriptions next update ;-)
12-Jan-2000 Better pictures under Pharmacy scales also better descriptions.
15-Jan-2000 New Counter scale
16-Jan-2000 Better Pictures and descriptions for Kitchen scales and end near up Pharmacy scales.. some pictures follow
19-Jan-2000 To long work on the scales part...
I start to update the first new WEIGHTS part - ANTIQUE -
20-Jan-2000 Some descriptions for egg scales ( NOT my collection ) and one NEW egg scale made of bakelite
21/22-Jan-2000 Better pictures for TOWN scale and some yarn, counter, spring, Pharmacy scales... + much more !
24/25-Jan-2000 Better pictures for some letter scale and some new pictures of US egg scales
28-Jan-2000 Better pictures for some more letter scale and some new pictures of Puppet scales
29-Jan-2000 Start to show a few Computing scales which I saw on ebay... I hope to get information's and pictures from other collectors !!!
2-Feb-2000 3 NEW letter scales
16-Feb-2000 A few new offers under Trade
18-Feb-2000 NEW Service
Book / Text Document Printing
26-Feb-2000 Again some new letter scale pictures.... near the end of the first scale part
7-March-2000 Two NEW nice letter scale to see, also a nice egg scale from Germany
10-March-2000 Test for the NESTED weight part
NEW STYLE link !
12-March-2000 The new style for NESTED weights is online !
Description follow so fast I can !
14-March-2000 The new style for OPIUM weights is online !
Description follow so fast I can !
15-March-2000 New style and more pictures over Fake nested weights. Insert under NESTED weights
16-March-2000 New style and more pictures over Fake opium weights. Insert under OPIUM weights
20-March-2000 Description for FAKE nested weights !
22-March-2000 New style and more pictures about Asian weights. Insert under OPIUM / ASIAN
18-April-2000 Back from a long trip !!!
On the SCALES main page, you can find a new link to a nice view of the AVERY Museum in Birmingham England !    ENTER
I start now to work on over 1000 new pictures of scales and weights. Special of Letter, Egg, Coin and Beam Scales. I will try to update my page each one or two days with some of them. Take time to insert them all.... some pictures need a lot of work !
28-April-2000 The first update with new scales !
37 Coin scales with over 200 detail pictures. The most descriptions follow later.   ENTER
01-Mai-2000 15 new egg scales with over 60 detail pictures.
03-Mai-2000 9 new spring ENTER , 5 new grain scales ENTER to see. Over 80 detail pictures.... descriptions follow later.
05-Mai-2000 Big news... 85 new letter scales with over 300 pictures... do not ask me about this work...
I have to slow down for a few days ;- /    ENTER
07-Mai-2000 Fine tuning for the new letter scales...
08-Mai-2000 About 30 new scales with again near 130 pictures. Beam ENTER , Counter ENTER , Pharmacy ENTER ,  Decimal ENTER , Steelyards ENTER , Special Scales ENTER and some more !!!
09-Mai-2000 Add the first descriptions to some Letter Scales... maybe 40 are ready    ENTER
12-Mai-2000 Add again some descriptions... today some coin scales.  ENTER
14-Mai-2000 6 new scales: 3 letter, 1 spring OPEN and 2 coin scales.
17-Mai-2000 Again some more descriptions for beam and egg scales    ENTER
18-Mai-2000 Complete the descriptions for the egg scales  ENTER + some more description for other scales (letter ENTER and some beam scales ENTER)  
18-Mai-2000 I insert links ( ENTER, OPEN ) on this NEWS page. Touch the ENTER or OPEN link to visit the page which I updated.
19-Mai-2000 Some more coin scales are online, 14 pages with over 60 pictures  ENTER
20-Mai-2000 Some new scales for SELL ENTER (Coin, letter, grain tester & Mancur scales) Also some new pictures of my last news. A nice double beam steelyard OPEN , a rare Rictus Letter scale OPEN and a small spring scale with a hanging pan OPEN and some more small news...
31-Mai-2000 Several of small news.... descriptions and some more pictures in all areas.... Helpful description "How to use" a German grain tester OPEN .
Sorry, no big news in this time. I got a new home and have to paint a lot of windows and doors +++.... a lot of scales and weights have to be moved to a new show room. After I am ready, I will start to update the weight part !
05-June-2000 Some new books available OPEN
01-September-2000 Some new books available OPEN
03-September-2000 Start to publish some maker history information's in my lexicon OPEN
15-Oktober-2000 Had a lot of work with my new page over old padlocks.... but today I update my page with some new letter scales  ENTER and one nice Wooden Steelyard from India OPEN
06-November-2000 Some new pictures about a nice Pharmacy scale made by Sartorius OPEN and one nice big beam scale on a stand OPEN.
Also new, a nice wooden decimal scale in small size OPEN
13-November-2000 Unusual grain scale  OPEN help is needed to find out any about this nice US scale !
17-November-2000 I updated my page with some new letter scales  ENTER . Next days some new pictures of iron staple weights
29-November-2000 Few new scales listed, also some new offers for sell
15-Dezember-2000 I updated my page with two new Inspector scales  1 OPEN   2  OPEN . Both are very nice and complete.
25-Dezember-2000 Some more Maker information's to find in my small lexicon  OPEN
29-Dezember-2000 Some new scales to view.
Two spring scales and two nice
steelyards OPEN 
( one is a grain scale )  OPEN
30-Dezember-2000 Some better Pictures  of Candle stick letter scales. Insert also a nice new Prussian coin scale and a small Letter scale ( tube ) and
a Roman beam scale
7-January-2001  New pictures of an very rare coin rocker / wipe. Bernsteinīs Patent  OPEN
14-January-2001 A new member area is running
at this time 4 members !
28-January-2001  New pictures of an very nice US Spring scales BROWNS  OPEN and one unusual letter scale OPEN
10-Feb-2001  4 New scales online. One nice folding
scale OPEN , one US coin wipe OPEN
an English boxed scale OPEN and as 
last a Kodak scale OPEN
11-Feb-2001  Two rare but FAKE opium weights
one in style of a cow OPEN and one elephant
with baby OPEN
22-Feb-2001  Two new scales online. One Assay scale from Oertling OPEN and one coin wipe OPEN
24-Feb-2001  I got a new small wooden steelyard OPEN
25-Feb-2001  6 new nested weights  ENTER
28-Feb-2001  I got a few new scales:
Pelouze spring scale  OPEN
Very early beam scale  OPEN
Brass base letter scale  OPEN
English coin scale  OPEN
30-March-2001  I got a few new scales:
A US Torsions balance, a nice grain
balance and US counter scale
05-April-2001 Some new scales for trade
06-April-2001 New section inside Member area
trade section for scale parts for
repair or restoration
25-April-2001 One nice large Pharmacy scale OPEN
29-April-2001 New section " Parts of an Assay scale "
Hope this is maybe a good info for new collectors or dealer to find out which part is lost or needed ! OPEN
1-Mai-2001 Coin weights page new builded ENTER
4-Mai-2001 I am off to the ISASC convention in
Chicago, will be back on the 20th Mai
19-Mai-2001 Just back on stage. Had a great trip to the USA !!! New scales to see in near each area.
The most news under coin and letter scales !
29-Mai-2001 I changed the style of COIN SCALES
so I hope it is now easier to find a scale ;-)
4-June-2001 I insert two new spring scales, one is rare and very nice !!!
8-June-2001 Start to rebuild the weights under
9-June-2001 I offer now also a OFF LINE CD
of this homepage ( faster than online ) 50 MB with 13.000 files
12-June-2001 I still rebuild the weights part... lots of new pictures !
22-June-2001 I got three rare Assay scales, two rare
Lingke scales which I searched for over
15 years.... now I got two of them.
Also a nice Sartorius Assay scale online:
All to see under Pharmacy scales
07-July-2001 A few new scales to show. One nice Watling horoscope scale to see under specials OPEN also a nice coin scale
and a Pharmacy new online !
26-July-2001 A lot of new scales to see under
Letter scales / spring scales and also some new weights
22-Oktober-2001 Sorry, I am a little behind. Had in the last month much work. So I had only small updates. Hope to continue now with my work !
25-Oktober-2001 Today I insert the first three scales from my last news. All to find under PHARMACY scales. One is very rare. A double cased Assay scale from Oertling. Pharmacy
26-Oktober-2001 Some fine letter scales now online.
Also a super weight set TROY 
31-Oktober-2001 Some small news and corrections !
11-November-2001 A very unusual Decimal scale
11-December-2001 WOW... 3 years online ;-)
23-December-2001 Some new coin / letter / steelyards online
26-December-2001 One nice new French coin scale OPEN and a Stanton Assay scale OPEN
11-January-2002 Too much news o tell ! Near each section show news. About 50 new scales are online
24-January-2002 Two new Maker histories to find under
Service / Lexicon / Maker
25-January-2002 Some new text. Also a new nice Moon scale from France and a unusual Roman steelyard
30-January-2002 New Pictures ( better quality ) for coin scales !
02-Feb-2002 More New Pictures ( better quality ) for coin scales !
03-Feb-2002 Nice OFF center inspector beam scale. To find under BEAM scales
5 to 26-Feb-2002 Worked hard on the new project of scan
catalogues. Files under 20 MB are free for download !
28-Feb-2002 Few new scales. One very nice coin scale and a unusual wooden decimal scale !
31-March-2002 TOO much news to tell. Near each area show new scales. Also I have build in links to show also
scales from other collection !
10-June-2002 New scales pictures under egg, coin, specials
and also some new weights under nested
19-August-2002 Several news over the last days. Maybe the nicest are some new Pharmacy scales and some Letter scales which I have insert. Several other pictures are re-made !